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The ordered items are usually shipped by EMS service. EMS declared apprx. delivery time is from 5-8 business days (for USA, Canada) to 3-5 business days (Europe). The delivery time does not include possible Customs delays.

Also, most of the printed matter (giclee, digital prints etc.,) are not in stock and should be ordered at printing house. Giclee are also embellished and lacquered. This may take some time, and I will inform the customer about the expected delay.

Small size items (prints, digital art, etc.) on canvas and A3 prints on paper will be sent to the customer by Eco Post Service (limited to up to 2 kg weight).

Large and medium size original paintings and giclee prints will be removed from stretcher, rolled and securely packed.

Small size original paintings, prints and framed items will be packed and sent as is,

Estimated packing and delivery expenses are included in the ordered item price.

In case of multiple item order we will try to pack them in one package.

In case of order value exceeds 1000$ the parcel will be sent by UPS or FedEx services. This may take more time, than expected. 

The customer is required to add his contact phone number to his order. This is required to allow the parcel service to contact you for parcel delivery.


In case of damaged item, the customer have right to return his order or part of it (in case of multiple items) in 7 days from delivery date. The customer may order or will be offered replacement in exchange for returned item. The damaged item should be sent back in original packing.

The customer will receive full refund of the declared price for the returned item.

Re-packing and return postal delivery expenses will not be refunded.

Possible extra charges on return - all incoming postal items are due to Israeli Custom check. If the Item is checked and Custom fee is applied, the seller will pay it, and later charge it from the buyer. Custom documents will be supplied to the buyer.

Authenticity Certificate

Authenticity Certificate is provided to every original painting and to giclee print,

upon request and will be sent to the customer in digital form.

Additional Shipping/Delivery Policies

On international orders the customer is responsible to pay all Custom clearance, VAT and other taxes if applied.

The EMS and other services are door-to-door service. Check the package before accepting it and signing delivery approval doc's. If the package is damaged, reject the item acceptance, take a photo of it and inform us about the case.

This does not apply to Eco Post Service. 


The order and delivery payments are managed via PAYPAL. 

The refund payments are managed via PAYPAL.

Payment Methods
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