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Faces in Crowd series

Faces in Crowd series


These paintings are a kind of reflection of faces (or masks, all of us wear a mask in public space) in a group, because people mostly live and act in society of them alike. 
The first painting is called simply - Faces in Crowd, as an opener of the concept. Size 80x80 cm - 31.5x31.5 inch

The second one - Faces Under Evening Lantern - People crowded under lantern... Evening light transforms their faces. Do they know each other? or just occasional meeting... Do they talk, discuss something? Size 80x80 cm - 31.5x31.5 inch

The third - Faces Moving in Crowd - Faces of people moving through crowd in different/opposite directions. Everybody is preoccupied by his/her problems, everyday tasks and worries. The faces of preoccupied people in movement are transformed in the direction of their movement... Size 70x70 cm - 27.5x27.5 inch

All paintings - Acrylic on canvas...

Example of one of these paintings in interior is presented at additional image.

  • Item Shipping

    Due to painting size it will be shipped unstreched and rolled. Packaging and shipping expences are included in the item price

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