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Tango with a Fruit Bowl

Tango with a Fruit Bowl


Giclee copies of original painting from Tango series of various sizes may be ordered - see below (size selection menu).

Due to its size and the painting subject this giclee may ideally fit to decorate a large living room or another large apartment space. Also my used as a contrast to monocolored room furniture.

  • Available size

    General:  The size of print is defined by its larger side.

    Prints larger than 70 cm (28 inch) are sent unstretched and rolled. Smaller size prints are without embellishment.

    Placed order will be ready in 5 - 8 working days (excl. Fridays and Saturdays) and sent by EMS service in 1 - 3 working days.

    Packaging and shipping expences are included in the item price

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